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Driving people insane as always

It is time a mile stone has reached. It is time for a new phase of my life. It is going to be 20 years since I came down to this earth. At this point of time I just want to remember the life’s best memories in these past 20 years.

Life is a big roller coaster ride. It is filled with ups and downs and I am not going to tell you something new. It is just that each person’s life is unique in ones own way. It has that distinct left or a right turn that makes the entire world’s difference to one’s life. Let me just take you all in a ride back my memory lane.

It was a fine day I guess, July 16- 20 years back morning 5:50 is the exact time of my birth. I was a surprise package! In the sense that I wasn’t expected into this world till September end. But than me being me just was so damn impatient to see this world with my Big eyes and wanted to welcome everything with my tiny hands and feet.

Then time flew, I grew from being such a tiny baby to quite a healthy kid. That was the time I started questioning everything, where did this come from? What is that? How did you get this? And what not? It was also the time when I was joined into school. Those days in CV were the best to last a life time.

My kinder garden teacher Hazel was my first teacher. Me and my cousin were in the same class; well he was born the day before me! And such troublesome kids we both were, always going around wherever the teacher went-tricking the birthday kids in giving us an extra chocolate by asking for the other with such innocent faces, licking all the cream off the birthday cake before prayer gets over and hiding under the desks, crying if the other cries, sleeping if the other sleeps, posing as swimmers for a annual day play given the fact we do not know how to swim- well those are days not to be forgotten!

Then came school and those days of growing up, getting to know all about the Abcs of love, and experiencing those little puppy loves or crushes on god knows how many guys. I guess it is 12 and still counting!! Becoming crazy doing stupid stuff was the way of everyday in school. Then came 10th board exams, I wonder how I studied, on second thoughts I did not study much! I just finished whatever was there to study in the first day of the study holiday and spent the rest of the study holidays watching movies or calling in to SS music reach out program!

11th came and I was asked to make my first choice, which group did I want to get into; I registered for science and ended up sitting in the commerce class. And I should say your entire school life can be summed up entirely in these two years. It is the time for more freedom and responsibility in the school front. You turn to be the seniors in the school. A kinda attitude develops, and it is fun to explore this side of your life. Your teachers and principal treat you like an adult, you feel so great, it is also the time that you age long friendship with your fellow peers get stronger, you get to know them much deeper. It is also the time where your mind is a gamut of emotions, you feel great, low, defenseless, insecure, happiest all in the same time. It is the time where you create an opinion for yourself. A time where you tend to set rigid rules on the way you want to live your life. A time where opinions and ego clashes and you get into serious fights with friends whom you have known since the time you were born. It is a time to learn life the way you want best.

Then you reach an end to school life and join college filled with loads and loads of expectations. You see everything through rosy glasses only to find the hard way it is just plain black and white. You meet new people, you make new friends, and by the time your 3 years in college has ended, it would be like you have known these new friends of yours all through your life. Now is the time you tend to separate time for your friends from school and college. You will be in a confusion on who to call for you birthday treat, wondering if your friends from school and college will get together, and end up giving two different treats. And it is also the time where you tend to feel a little insecure about your school friends, coz even they have moved on and found new friends whom you might not get along with. But then if you notice clearly, it is only your best of friends who will stick on to you till the end. Well all I can say is friendship is a great gift to mankind, without which we all tend to be morons in this world. A person with no friends is not fit to live in this world.

Now was also the time I got confused about the existence of the almighty, I was turning an atheist and now I am spiritual but not religious! I am confused if there is someone who exists up there and should I look up to him through all those names given to him. All I know is this is a phase for my growing up, but then none of my friends would agree I am growing; I tend to be the immature kid always. I started to write by this stage and here you have my blog established, I have also inspired quite a few to start a blog!

So on the eve of my birthday I would like to thank some special people in my life!!

First and foremost let me get the family done with coz without them I won’t be here right in this place and posting this blog…

So here it goes, my heart filled thanks to my
o Amma- who is most of the times my amma and quarter of the time my friend.
o Appa- whose chellam(sweetie) is me.
o My bro- who encouraged me to read and well without whom I wouldn’t have learnt the art of fighting and arguing.
o My granddad- he is my mom’s father, and I have admired a lot by the way he living his life
o My grandmom- well without her my mom would not have allowed me to experience the freedom she was denied ;) also coz she is one grand mom whom you can’t fool around with.
o My uncles and aunts – my mom’s bros and their better halves, without them my growing up will not be complete
o My cousins – 5 of them without whom my growing up will simply not be a fun filled and those yearlong of pranks, secrets and mischief that we have lived through just could not be compensated by anything else. Especially Arun coz he was born the day before me, and without whom my kindergarden would not have been so great!
o Hazel ma’am – my kinder garden teacher who still remembers me when I go to school.
o Sridevi ma’am – she was more like a friend to us
o Thilagavathy ma’am – without whom my tamil classes would be a lot boring.
o Banumathi ma’am – my eco ma’am who just liked me for what I am.
o FRIENDS – they just make me who I am today and I need a separate list for them
- Ayshwarya – she was my friend for the whole of three years and I wonder what she is doing right now
- Nandini – well I wonder where she is too right now, those days in school with her were the best
- Harhsa – I learnt a bit if hindhi from her, and she is one perfect tomboy, I wonder where you are and whether you remember me!
- Padmini – she was one great dancer and such a down to earth person, same here I wonder where she is.
- Janet – she was a new entry to school and used to call me Bull Bull Rani for which I used to get offended!
- Arjun, Timkumar and Ponselvan – without you guys stupid fights I know my Tamil tuitions wont be that great!
- Swathi – we were quite close for a year or so
- Subhashini – we were super close till we fought really bitterly by the end of the year, if you read this blog subhashini, I still remember all the good times I had with you
- Preethi Paramasivam – we were best of friends and called chatter boxes by almost all the teachers and god knows what we had to talk so much about, now I very badly want to get in touch with her, if anyone knows her contact plz drop by a word to me.
- Visalam – my great friend and god knows wat all we both were up to in those five years we were together in the same school, it is with her I used to go guy hunting in school!
- Abirami – Fondly called as Abby, well she is one best buddy who still keeps in touch with wat is happening in my life and with whom I have shared most of my best moments in life, she is one friend who I can look up to even so many years later.
- Dvijavanthi – it is Dvij-a-van-thi who now calls herself DJ, I was surprised when I found her to be exactly like me, this likeliness just leaded us to crush on the same guys over and over again. If you know me, you know her and vice versa
- Alice George John – I like to call her that, she is one kutty chathan, and has ended to be my real good friend in the three years of college I went with her. She definitely shares both my life’s best and worst moments on my bike roger! And she is my spell-o-checker and partner in riting poems
- Easha – she is simply one sweet heart and can make you feel good on any day.
- Archana – for all the trouble she makes in my life, but in the end of the day she just likes me so much that she just can’t help it 
- Shilpa Gulati – I missed 1 and half year of college life without getting to know her, only to find out she is someone who is just like me, a confused person on this earth trying to come to terms with what life is treating us. And I can assure you that she is one person whom I would not lose contact with.
- Aruna Rajeshwari – she is one person who reads me inside out! I have to thank her for the gift she has made me wait for 6 months before unwrapping it! And well she is one person whose birthday I always forget and look around guiltily when she comes around. She is one person who catches me in my worst moments when I am feeling not so good and putting up a good face, she finds it with just a glance at my face!

I have to mention some of my online buddies who make my virtual life too much fun to live, there is Karan who introduced me to sulekha, Sujata who took opinions from me and posted it in Indian express, Meenakshi Nambiar for taking my posts to the editor’s pick, Hebrew princess for encouraging me to rite more on Blogliterati and featuring me at times in the Featured blogger and editor picks.
Karthik and Sunil from Evam for encouraging my Fan follwing of them ;) then there is Gigi who did mine and Alice’s ambigram and well gave me hints to rite poems, then there is Spammi – my virtual bro – in – law without whom online spamming would be boring, Arunesh my anna and all my blog readers who have the patience to read what I rant and comment too!

I guess that’s about the people I have met in my life and who make my life all the more worthwhile to live, and I would like to clarify that the above order is the order in which these people appeared in my life and are not based on favoritism!! And if by any chance I have missed someone and whom my stupid brain fails to remember I apologize and thank you for also being there in my life. This is just the best blog I have ever written for people close to me on the eve of my birthday, and I hope you all continue to exist in my life and make it even more happy and cherished.

And this blog is for my birthday which is coming this 16th!

Driving people insane as always

BLISS்! - 2

Read part 1 here

“Could I get you some coffee Arvi?” huskily enquired Reena, his secretary. “Er.. No thanks Reena” Arvindh said indifferently, constantly checking his phone, to see if he had got any missed calls or messages. He belonged to one of the biggest business tycoon family. His father had started the ‘P R V Constructions’ 20 years back, and every where around the country, buildings had their tag. They expanded internationally few years back. He was now managing the south zone of the business.

He saw Adithi a few years back in on of the poojas for the building which they constructed; she was so full of life that he had instantly fallen for her. He had then made enquires about her, and had found everything about her. Now, he thought he should take the next step. He was well nearing 28 and he needed to get settled in his life, if only to put women like Reena at bay and his bitter break up with Sonali behind his mind. He had taken the marriage proposition to Adithi’s father, who had been surprised at first, but had then agreed. All that now remained was Adithi to accept.

It wasn’t like he was in love with Adithi. He felt that he will never ever fall in love with anyone in his life; coz being in love only gave pain and bitterness. What with witnessing the pain his father went through, when his mother left them when he was just 10 for a foreigner and his own pain for completely trusting Sonali only to find that she has been using him.

Adithi seemed like a practical choice to get married. She was the career oriented woman, who was so practical and sensible. She also had her own business to look after, and will not use him for his bottomless bank account. He knew he wasn’t promising love or commitment, but only a sense of partnership in the deal called marriage.

His thoughts were disturbed by the ringing of his phone. He glanced at the no. to find it was Adithi. “Hey hello Adithi” he said to the phone. “Listen Aravindh, I need to talk to you in person” she replied and gave him the place where she would meet him.

“So….” Aravindh enquired her. “Well, what exactly are you looking for in this marriage proposal that you have made?” she asked him. “Well, as far as I am concerned Adithi I am looking for companionship and as time goes by a couple of kids’ maybe”
“Hmm….I am just thinking if you are planning to cover your never ending relationships with other women by this farce of a marriage?”
Her out of the blue question took him a second to regain his composure. “My never ending relationships, what makes you think so?” He challenged her. “Well for a start, I am bewildered by your proposal, as you with all the reigning power of your business could choose any one to be your wife, then there is the matter of Sonali, Reena, Anitha and who else I am not aware of…” She questioned him. “You have been doing your research haven’t you Adithi? Well I am impressed, and for my never ending relationships, I think that is a bit of exaggeration, coz I never was in a serious commitment till now” He mocked her. “So what are you promising me in this marriage, a serious commitment, but then what about love?” She questioned him back. “I don’t put stock in love Adithi, it is all just nonsense, how many people do you know who have got married for love, these days marriage is all about convenience, and loving someone will only lead to more hurt and pain, which I am not prepared to undertake” He spoke more harshly than he intended. She just stared at the rigid set of his face which made him look like a complete stranger to her.

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To be continued blissfully…..

Driving people insane as always!

Come back to me

It’s been real long since I blogged!
And I think it is high time I remedied that mistake ;-)
What better way then to come back with a poem
So here it goes…

I watch the streets
I glimpse now and then
Just wishing
That you will come back
Come back to me

The past few weeks were hell
Sheer pain
Every single second
Away from you
Apart from you
Seems like an eternity

The trees were lush
When you were there
The birds sang like honey
When you were there

Now it all looks barren
It all looks dry and lifeless
Oh, how I wish
Oh, how I pray
For you to return soon

The news is filled with gory stories
Of the war and bloodbath
Militants get killed
Army men get killed
Colonels getting killed
But I know deep in my heart
You are alive
You are still fighting with all your life
Nothing can happen to you
Coz your heart beats within me
I ferociously guard it
I know I will die before anything happens to you
So just come back to me

I know you will come
As long as the star shines next to the moon
Nothing can happen to you
Coz your heart beats in mine
Just come back
Come back to me
And put everything behind to rest
And be with me
Till my world ends….


I hate what you do to me
I hate it when you make me smile
I hate it even more when you make me cry
I hate you coz of what I feel for you
I hate you coz I cant stop loving you
I hate you coz I yearn for
Your touch,
Your breath,
Your word,
I hate you coz you make me a gone case
I hate you coz you are making me insane
I hate you coz I cant bear you hurting me
I hate you when I see you with another girl
I hate you coz someone has replaced me
I hate you simply coz I love you so much
It is too much to bear

Driving people insane as always

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